Kings Wood Apartments For Sale & Rent     
About Our Community
Kings Park School District
Elementary School    (Kindergarten thru Grade 3)  Fort Salonga School, Sunken Meadow Road, Fort Salonga
Intermediate School (Grades 4 thru 5)                   RJO School, Church Street & Old Dock Road, Kings Park
Middle School           (Grades 6 thru 8)                   William T. Rogers Middle School, Old Dock Road, Kings Park
Senior High School   (Grades 9 thru 12)                 Kings Park High School, 25A & Lawrence Road, Kings Park

Keyfood Shopping Center:  Indian Head Road
Tanzi Shopping Center:       Indian Head Road

Huntington Hospital: 270 Park Avenue, Huntington
Saint Catherins of Siena: 50 Rt. 25A, Smithtown
Stony Brook Hospital:  Nicolls Road, Stony Brook
Veterans Hospital: 79 Middleville Road, Northport
Kings Park Homes of Worship:
Roman Catholic:  St. Joseph's, 59 Church Street
Methodist:            Lucien Memorial, 7 Old Dock Rd
Baptist:                 North Shore, 25 West Main Street
Lutheran:              Route 25A & Sunken Meadow Road
Synogogue:          Kings Park Jewish Center, Route 25A

Kings Park Banks:
Sterling Federal:       33 E. Main Street & Thompson St.
People's Bank:         14 Indian Head Road
Teachers Federal:   E. Main Street
Chase Bank:              Indian Head Road

Smithtown Senior Center:  420 Middle Country Rd,

Tanger Outlets:  152 The Arches Circle, Deer Park
Area Recreational Facilities:
Sportime Tennis (indoor club):  Indian Head Road, Kings Park
Ice Skating Rink:  Indian Head Road, Kings Park
Boat Ramp & Parking:  End of Old Dock Road, Kings Park
Blydenburgh County Park (fishing, camping, hiking):  Jericho Tpke, Smithtown
Caleb Smith State Park (fishing, hiking, museum):  Vets Hwy, Smithtown
Greenbelt Trail: Starts at Old Dock Road, Kings Park
Sunken Meadow State Park (golf, swimming, boardwalk, hiking, biking):  End of
Sunken Meadow Parkway
Nissequogue:  Kings Park
Callahans Breach Park:  Fort Salonga Road, Fort Salonga
Crab Meadow Park & Golf Course (Town of Huntington):  Fort Salonga Road
Commack Hills Golf Course & Country Club:  Commack Road
Indian Hill Coutry Club & Golf Course:  Fresh Pond Road
Landing Country Club & Golf (golf, swimming pool):  Landing Avenue, Smithtown
Movie Theaters:  Jericho Tpke, Elwood & Deer Park Tanger Outlets
Hechscher Museum of Art:  2 Prime Avenue, Huntington
Hoyt Farm Park Preserve (children playground, park summer movies, nature
  New Highway, Commack
Kings Park Post Office: 125 East Main Street

Kings Park Library:   across on Church Street

LIRR:  Indian Head Road, Kings Park

Bus Service:  by LIRR station
Admissions Procedures
Prospective Purchasers and Sublessees must complete an application (see tab "Forms/Newsletters" above) and submit it to the Kings Wood Property
Manager.  The Admissions Committee meets on the
1st Monday and 3rd Monday of the month.  Your application should be given to the Property
Manager two weeks prior to the Committee meeting.  Decision process can take up to 4 weeks.

Find A Home
Property Type:  Condo/Co-op
Location:  Suffolk
Town:  Kings Park
School District:  Kings Park

Rental Properties
Property Type:  Condo/Co-op
Location:  Suffolk
Town:  Kings Park
School District:  Kings Park
Selling Your Apartment?  Before you sign your listing agreement with your Realtor and hold your first open house, make sure the Realtor
receives a copy of the current Kings Wood Owners Corp House Rules and is familiar with its contents.  You don’t want your prospective purchaser
misinformed and ultimately your deal not closing.  NO ANIMALS ALLOWED UNLESS REQUIRED BY STATE AND FEDERAL LAW.

A copy can be obtained from the office and on our website kingswoodowners.com.

A Very Important Closing Item...

When you are selling your co-op and have an outstanding bank loan, the bank must be contacted in advance of closing to provide a pay-off
statement and to arrange for the stock and lease to be brought to the closing. With many banks, the process of requesting the stock and lease from
the bank’s back office (that is, some missile silo in Iowa where they keep these things) can take several weeks. Your co-op sale can't take place
without the ORIGINAL existing stock and proprietary lease. Oftentimes, the bank can't find these documents and they will try to give Kings Wood
Owners Corp.’s attorney a "lost stock and lease affidavit and indemnity" so that the attorney will issue a new certificate and lease to your purchaser.
However, this is NOT ADEQUATE.   The pay-off bank has to be given at least thirty days notice from the closing date or you will have a problem
having the stock and lease present when you close.

If no bank is involved and you have the ORIGINAL stock and proprietary lease in your possession (at least you think you know where you put them
ten years ago when you bought the place), make sure you can locate those documents and bring them to the closing. Remember, your inability to
find the stock and lease must be brought to the attention of Kings Wood’s attorney as soon as possible.